How About Helping Others?

Almost every bookstore has a self-help section. What we really need is a ‘helping others’ section. – Simon Sinek

Undoubtedly, helping yourself is extremely important and very necessary for the advancement of your life. However, being only concerned with improving the self isn’t a cure-all to why you’re reading self-help literature in the first place. Those so focused on Me, Myself and I, may come to realize in life that it is not about you. It’s really about others. We are social animals after all – introvert or extrovert.

According to some great thinkers, including  Abraham Maslow, Tony Robbins, and Simon Sinek, helping others is the primary way to finding sustainable (key word) fulfillment in your life.


If you want to create a paradigm shift in the quality of your life, consider giving more and taking less.

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