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Entrepreneurial Endeavors

In 2017, I founded Concept Key, a digital innovation lab that builds innovative digital products for Fortune 500 Companies. In 2015, I co-founded Volunteers For Smiles, a NYC non-profit organization that helps those less fortunate meet basic needs and realize personal goals and aspirations.


Product Management

At the intersection of customers, business, design, and technology, there is always an opportunity to build something meaningful. I help product/business leaders convert market needs into strategy, strategy into incremental product delivery, and delivery into continuous learning and improvement. The value is in what gets used, not in what gets built.

Innovation Strategy

It is not always about disruption. More often, than not, innovation is about making small, measurable improvements over time. It’s easier to make something specific 20% better than it is than to make something 20% better overall. Let’s harness data, market forces, and innovation game theory to explore how your business can grow.


Design Thinking

I share ideas, stories, and philosophies to better understand the human condition in an effort to pave the road to a higher form of living. When brainstorming ideas, I take on an iterative, non-linear process, to understand the context, test ideas with users, re-frame the problem, prototype, and evaluate.

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Fun Facts

A Koala bear once fell asleep on my shoulder and it was glorious

When the opportunity presents itself, I will play drums on almost any surface

In my spare time, I play volleyball, tennis, dodgeball, and run Tough Mudders

Chocolate chip cookies can be great answers to some of life’s toughest questions

Companies I’ve Founded

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Jan 2017 – Current


Concept Key

Helping companies such as Carnival Cruise Line, Spirit Airlines, ASTM International, Comcast, Duracell, and Snackadabra stay competitive in their industry, better connect with their customers, and maximize their product’s potential. We begin by clarifying existing product/business strategy. Then, once a direction is decided, we partner to design, develop, and launch features/functionality.

Jun 2021 – Jul 2022

Senior Product Owner


Product Managed the Vanguard Personal Advisor® and Vanguard Digital Advisor® experience for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

Dec 2019 – Jun 2020

Senior Product Owner


Product-managed the delivery of multiple self-service experiences that empowered Xfinity customers to digitally troubleshoot issues with their Internet, TV, Xfinity Flex TV (IoT product), and Home Phone devices via the Xfinity My Account App (iOS & Android) as well as via Xfinity Support and My Account Web

Nov 2018 – Oct 2019

Senior Product Manager (Consultant)


Product-managed the build of a construction workflow orchestration tool and its associated Learning Management System for Comcast’s Construction & Engineering Organization

Aug 2017 – Aug 2018

Product Manager & Engagement Lead (Consultant)


Led product definition and execution of a 12-month roadmap to create the company’s 1st IoT digital product/platform, aimed to activate new customers, as well as, drive loyalty & retention; See Duracell – Battery App in the App Store

Jan 2018 – Jun 2019

Head of Product

Rental Investor

A platform for real estate investors to research potential deals, evaluate options based on criteria, manage property/tenant info, as well as track investment property performance
Productized the company’s product offering into multiple SaaS business models
Led efforts to raise venture capital from investors

Apr 2017 – Jun 2017

Product Strategist (Consultant)


Performed user/market research, customer discovery, product-market fit analysis; crafted a 6-month execution roadmap
Coordinated sales process improvement efforts, including assessment, benchmarking, process redesign, and integration into business

Nov 2015 – Dec 2018


Volunteers For Smiles

Non-Profit Organization providing support to people struggling to meet basic needs necessary for survival (food, shelter, source of income), guiding individuals on how to build actionable plans to support themselves (finding work, shelter, and sustenance)

Feb 2015 – Jan 2017

Associate Management Consultant


Led the User/Market Research Workstream on a project to build a Digital Retail Banking platform for Bradesco Next Bank – See Article
Devised a business case and strategy for transforming core banking technology of a U.S. Bank
Project-Managed the implementation of risk mitigation efforts to enhance AML Transaction Monitoring for a Global Bank

Jun 2013 – Nov 2014

Project Analyst

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Supported the International Private Bank in the automation of a securities-based lending initiative

Investment Bank Marketing Intern

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Planned and executed events, ranging in scope and size, for senior executives & clients

Operations Analyst Development Program

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Assisted the Private Bank with quality assurance, user acceptance testing, and automation of trade process-flow scorecards

Aug 2013 – Aug 2013

Google AdCamp Participant


Won 1st place in a team-based advertising challenge, which entailed market and consumer analysis, developing a creative advertising strategy, and presenting the final proposal to established sales leaders

Jan 2013 – May 2013

Digital Integrated Marketing Intern: Comedy Central, Spike TV &


Brainstormed sponsorship ideas for Comedy Central and Spike TV’s upcoming shows and franchises, including the 2013 Guy’s Choice Awards


Apr 2020 – May 2020

Technology Entrepreneurship

HarvardX University

Learned about the systematic process for technology commercialization to bring cutting-edge innovations out of the lab and into the world


Aug 2010 – May 2014

Bachelor of Business Administration

CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business

Studied Marketing Management with a minor in Psychology to understand why people do what they do and how to best serve their needs, wants and desires

Specializing In

Product Management

Innovation & Business Strategy

User/Market Research

Design Thinking

Project Management


Project Management Professional (PMP) 2017-2023


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) 2020-2022


Product Analytics Certification (PAC) ™


Real Estate Sales License



Randy Klein

Director of Product, ASTM International

“I’ve found Boris to be hard working, intelligent, and an excellent communicator. Boris has been a valuable member of the team. Boris’s contract ended at ASTM, but I’d certainly hire him again given the opportunity.”



Founder, Brand Strategist, Insurgents

“Passionate, enthusiastic, and Intelligent are words I would describe Boris. We met several years ago, when I was teaching a branding class. After the class was over, Boris challenged me on several ideas expressed and we engaged in a long discussion. Over the years, we’ve stayed in touch and I’ve seen him grow into a creative business strategist. In my mind, Boris has a brilliant future. His energy and desire are off the charts. I will continue to watch him grow and help him in any way I can.”


AJ Antonioli

Director of Product, Comcast

“Thoughtful, creative, and driven are the words that come to mind when I think of Boris.

Hired to lead product development for digital self-service experiences, Boris immediately rose to the challenge of both learning about the existing business / product / customers as well as delivering on the roadmap / goals.

He delivered on multiple quarters of feature releases, partnering with many cross-functional teams to do so and was both effective and well liked.

What impressed me the most is Boris’s ambition and willingness to take on challenges big and small – any team would be lucky to have him.”


Tina Prete

Senior Product Manager, Comcast

“I found working with Boris to be inspiring . He has a wealth of knowledge and is very inquisitive. He is always the first one to step up and take on a new challenge when ever one is presented to a team. Any company would be fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate employee on their team.”


Michelle Silberman

CEO, Snackadabra

“Boris has a great head on his shoulders, he took the time to dissect my business needs and provided me with well thought out suggestions. His expertise shines bright via Concept Key. He is patient, strategic, and overall has a good sense of direction when it comes to his clients.”


Daniel Elias

Director of Marketing, Motivate App

“Boris is a strategic thinker that is able to grasp the big picture, while meticulously accounting for every detail. His ability to handle multiple projects and deliver on time was unlike any I’ve seen before. Boris always made sure everyone left with a smile and whether as a team member or a leader, Boris earns my highest regards.”


Volleyball Empire

Carnival Cruise Line




Concept Key



product ideas

In the Making

It’s been said that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – (Ancient Proverb) If you would like to collaborate with me and my team on any of the following ideas, please send a message with how you can contribute on the contact page. Chances are, we will have more success working together than on our own. So, let’s go far!

Side-Light Emitting LED Module

Partnered with Things4you to reinvent the LED light bulb! Introducing a new universal LED module that emits light sideways, enabling unlimited new ways for expressing LED light fixture designs. Multiple prototypes and light fixture designs have completed end-to-end testing. Patent has been submitted. Preliminary manufacturing and distribution partnership has been established with Tungsram (GE Lighting Europe). Go-to-market geographies include USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina. To learn more, visit our website, check out our teaser video, and view our pitch on the Angel Investment Network. Previously raised $125k (Seed Round); now seeking $250k (Angel Round) for 15% equity.

Party Planning Assistant

Getting friends together is already difficult, especially with how busy everyone is. Yet, once you’re together, how do you keep your guests entertained? The idea is to create a service to help with party planning. Upon event creation, the organizer would see a list of suggested activities based on the type of event chosen e.g. birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, baby shower, etc. The organizer can send custom designed invitations to attendees, the service would show an event countdown, send timely reminder notifications to invitee’s preferred calendars of the planned itinerary (before and during the event). Possible further integrations to enable photo sharing, group chat, and music playlist control can be considered as well.

Real Estate Investment Modeling Platform

A configurable (input/output) calculator for novice/advanced homebuyers to estimate real estate investment attractiveness by evaluating/forecasting Cap Rate, Gross Operating Income, Total Expenses, Cash Flow, Renting vs Buying, Tax Savings, Debt Service, and ROI. In addition, the application could input data from the MLS, Zillow, or other real estate database to pre-populate input values.

Pre-Collect Groceries

A time-saving platform-as-a-service charging $5-$20 to pre-collect groceries for busy people who like to personally pick out their produce. The supermarket would mobilize its workers to prepare a cart of items you have pre-selected and pre-paid for via the application, which showcases every item in store. You arrive, do your quality control, confirm payment, and are on your way. No lines. No lost time.

Smart Pill Box

A biometric secured smart pill box to help doctors monitor medication dispensed by their patients, ultimately helping fight the opioid crisis. Inline with HIPAA policies and procedures, this pill box, along with an app experience, would prevent medication theft, log consumption data, and generate smart insights to empower health policy makers and health insurance companies to drive the responsible administration of medication.

IOT Weight Monitoring Sensor

A sensor that monitors the weight of an object. Coupled with an app, people would be able to monitor the depletion of their home food products (the delta in weight signifies depletion). Restaurants would be able to monitor the change in food weight on a plate, so that they could ensure timely service for their patrons (cleanup, time of next entree). Smart learning capabilities can be added to analyze weight depletion patterns across different products.

Micro-Retail Stores

Empower up-and-coming brands to market/sell their products/services in small ~500 sq. ft. brick and mortar stores. Essentially, a Retail Airbnb. Brands would appreciate having an in-person touch point with customers as well as saving on significant supply chain/transportation costs. Customers would appreciate trying out products/services in-store, not worrying about shipping products back. There are a few competitors in this space (, so execution is key, particularly in securing spaces and building out an engaging user/brand platform interface experience.

Haircuts As A Service

For those who prefer getting more than 1 haircut a month, pay a low flat fee to get up to 2 haircuts/month, a higher fee to get up to 4 haircuts/month, and the highest fee to get up to 8 haircuts/month. The idea is to create a platform for scheduling haircuts appointments, coupled with a calendar dashboard and loyalty analytics reporting. Hairstylists benefit from increased demand/revenue; clients benefit from added convenience and service. Both parties save time booking appointments. Payments can also be handled via the platform.


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