NetWeaving: A Smarter Way to Make Connections

Have you heard of the concept of NetWeaving?

It’s the art of connecting other people based on common interests. In traditional networking, you arrive and have to “work the room.” With NetWeaving, all the people in the room have a mission to meet enough people so that they can make the best connections for you. It’s positioning yourself as a resource to others, on a gratuitous basis, with the belief that “what goes around, comes around.”


If you want to NetWeave, start with your closest friends, your best contacts, best influencers. Throw a party. It doesn’t have to be big. More like a gathering with a mission. To help others first.

The good news is that people who think it’s a crazy idea won’t show, and those who do show, will be eager to participate.

When’s your next NetWeaving event?

– Wisdom from Bob Littell & Jeffrey Gitomer


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