On Remarkable Selling Points

Your product or business’s Remarkable Selling Point — or RSP is a point of differentiation that defines its unique position in the market place.

In today’s day and age, providing functional value is simply not enough. Customers want functional value as well as emotional value. They want a memorable experience. Even a small point of differentiation for your product can make it remarkable.

If you’re a small business owner, here are some random ideas to make your product/service just a little bit different (and more exciting) than the next, or can, at least, spark your creativity.

Sushi Restaurant
• Light up saber chopsticks

Doughnut Shop
• A giant bright (neon) colored sculpture of a doughnut, where the customer can take picture in it (holding a mini version they just bought)

• Give customers who load a minimum of two machines some free all natural detergent samples that doesn’t ruin clothes and smells great

Car Wash
• Offer paying customers a free application of a windshield water repellent

• Give customers some potato chips with their drink

Pizza Shop
• You know that small table that protects the pizza from the box? Add some “punny” lawn chairs around it.

Delivery Service
• Drop off each order with a written positive motivational quote (you never know who may need it)

Share your random ideas below!

Attached below are various value systems to further inspire your thinking. Every successfull product/business provides a minimum of one…the more the merrier.

Be different.

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