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Bridging the Gap Between Good and Great Product Management

In the realm of product management, there exists a spectrum of proficiency that separates the good from the great. While good product managers can effectively deliver products that meet requirements and deadlines, great product managers possess a unique blend of skills, vision, and strategic thinking that propels their products to new heights of success. Let’s…

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Finding Product-Market Fit: A Startup’s Guide to Success

In the dynamic landscape of startups, few concepts hold as much weight and significance as finding product-market fit. It’s the pivotal moment when a startup’s offering resonates with its target audience to a degree where success becomes inevitable. However, achieving this elusive state is often challenging and requires a deep understanding of the market, constant…

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Important Books for Product Leaders

Here are some of the best product books out there: Working Backwards Amp It Up The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Competing Against Luck The Mom Test 7 Powers Understanding Michael Porter Never Split the Difference Thinking in Bets Are Your Lights On? Bonus: Alchemy Principles Hooked The Lean Startup Inspired Make Time High Output…

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On Remarkable Selling Points

Your product or business’s Remarkable Selling Point — or RSP is a point of differentiation that defines its unique position in the market place. In today’s day and age, providing functional value is simply not enough. Customers want functional value as well as emotional value. They want a memorable experience. Even a small point of…

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Product Management Decision Making

One difference between a good product manager and a great product manager is the ability to anticipate, measure, and weigh the probability of being RIGHT vs the probability of NOT being WRONG in decision making. If you enjoyed this post, please share the love and subscribe to our mailing list. Let’s Subscribe to our mailing…

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7 Failures to Avoid in Business Transformation for 2019

Competition is all around us. It is nature’s catalyst for growth, progress, and evolution. Each year, businesses self-reflect to see if they are playing the smart game – the game in which they can win, prosper and create further success-momentum. Most likely, the strategic and tactical decisions your company makes are rooted in some combination…

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