The Miracle of Language

“Language is a miracle of the natural world because it allows us to exchange an unlimited number of ideas using a finite set of mental tools. Those mental tools comprise a large lexicon of memorized words and a powerful mental grammar that can combine them.

Language is one of the fundamental topics in the human sciences. It’s the trait that most conspicuously distinguishes humans from other species, it’s essential to human cooperation; we accomplish amazing things by sharing our knowledge or coordinating our actions by means of words.

The study of language has many practical applications including computers that understand and speak, the diagnosis and treatment of language disorders, the teaching of reading, writing, and foreign languages, the interpreting of the language of law, politics and literature.

For me, language is eternally fascinating because it speaks to such fundamental questions of the human condition. Language is really at the center of a number of different concerns of thought, of social relationships, of human biology, of human evolution, that all speak to what’s special about the human species.

Language is the most distinctively human talent. Language is a window into human nature, and most significantly, the vast expressive power of language is one of the wonders of the natural world.”

-Steven Pinker


For us to better understand who we are as individuals, how we behave in the world and how we think, we must first understand how we communicate with ourselves and with others.

Read more about about Language: history, phonology, origins of grammar and pragmatics.

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